5 ways to achieve FUGUE MACHINE technique in VCV RACK with ADDR-SEQ

Today I’m gonna show you how to apply Fugue Machine technique in VCV Rack! Fugue Machine name came from iOS sequencer and actually means that several voices (in my case voice) share one sequence but on the different speeds (or divisions) and directions as well (backward, forward, ping-pong). So that all creates such a beautiful sequencer landscapes and finding right notes for the sequence is become really inspiring process in case you want to share it with four different voices! And the power tool for that purpose in VCV Rack is Bogaudio ADDR Sequencer - one of the few polyphonic sequencers in VCV.


I asked this a long time ago, in the meantime I managed to use Fugue Machine on my iPad via Autobus and Bluetooth MIDI to control VCV Rack. Either way, it is a fantastic technique. Thanks for this, Artem.

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thanks for the feedback Norbert!)

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Thank you! I just took time to watch the first one witch inspired me. Thank you for that! I ended up playing with the same concepts with the sequencer from my OP-1 :smile:

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thank you very much!