4MS PEG alike ? / AD cycler with slew+curvature adjustment ?

Hello community,

I´d rather not jump on the softtube modular boat. But to have the 4MS PEG in software is very intriguing to me. Just, i´m really not interested to deal with that plattform, and its GUI.

Whats out there in VCV in that regard ?

Are there any AD cyclers with curvature + skew adjustments …CV able ?

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MindMeld ShapeMaster does that and more.


There is way more “stuff” available in VCV, almost anything you could imagine. But probably not as many “name” modules. Almost always there is something in VCV that is equivalent or better though.


I’m not familiar with the 4ms PEG, but looking at the pannel maybe you could try the Befaco modules? Rampage and/or Slew Limiter.

The Tides clone has some pretty similar shaping capabilities. Combine two of those with some clock dividers and an OR combiner, and you’d be pretty close to PEG. Don’t know if there’s any way to get end-of-stage trigger outputs from Tides, though…

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ok, Wow, …and when you say it can do even more…*

Its big. I´ll give it my time. * Seems worth it then.

ahh, good idea !

ahh, Rampage. Never had one. Thats also a good addition ! …and slew is a useful reminder too.

yeah, i personally don´t care for the name as such :wink: But in HW is PEG very unique ! …and i know it very good

yeah, so far i had no clear idea how good the modules really are, and how far things have been taken.

i was only into some FX patches till this week. Mostly using patches i´ve donne 1.5 years ago

But now with the cytomic filter,…i want to do some “Synth” respectivly some Sound Synthesis patches.

Looks good ! Thank you everybody !

On top of that there’s Bogaudio VISH. Personally I really like the sound of that vactrol-like enveloppe.

Or you could combine PdArray Miniramp with Scannibal to give you a very flexible adjustable enveloppe generator.

If you need the stages of the enveloppe to line up with clocks you can use some auxiliary modules.

i will look into this one too. Thank you.

So, some feedback: No, none of the aformentioned ones has anything to do with what PEG does (for me). PEG can lead to a very specific, very fast workflow. Its super musical and super groovy, once you understand the curvatures, and where your sweetspots are. Then modulate from there.

I need to give those more time. There is each its completly own type of tool. Definitly welcome and useful, …but different.

vs. The Shapemaster: is there a way to CV the “not directly jacked” time / phase/ warp/- parameters ? ahh wait, got it: only the commecial release has it. Plus the quantisation. Ok…need to check with my imagination.

I had tides in HW. liked it as an AD. Glad i found it in VCV. But it can´t do the PEG thing. Its not comparable as a cycler.

The Befaco unit won´t work for me.

Hope VCV will port the PEG sooner or later !

Thanks so far !

As a general magic module, Stoermelder Map can “learn” and CV any parameter that does not have it natively. That and Transit, as a starting point, could blow one’s mind.

Yeah as Tana says Stoermelder Map / uMap is your friend for CVing ShapeMaster if you don’t have Pro.

Stoermelder is like the Wizard of Rack. Modules you never knew you wanted, or that even existed, but that you very quickly can’t live without.

Here’s a great set of tutorials on ShapeMaster if you wanna dive deep:


Nice one ! thanks ! i was totally not aware

Great, thanks !

i definitly have to learn to deal with this thing