3D scene in a module?

Is it possible to display/animate a 3D scene in a module?


seguo… :smiley:

Thanks! Are there already such modules (ideally open source)?

I’ll also have a look at this GLFW 3D ‘demo’ project:

Use OpenGlWidget.

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For clarity, I’m assuming you mean something similar to doing this as panel graphics (or a portion thereof)?

For an open source Rack module that does 3D, check out Bidoo’s Limonade module.

You can actually click the lower-left graphic and rotate the scene in 3D with the mouse. Make sure to checkout the v1.0 branch. It works in Rack 1.x but it’s not in the plugin library yet.

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I think Monsieur Bouffier is doing something smarter because he wrote it BEFORE the existence of the OpenGlWidget. Probably is computing by himself quaternion xformations

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Yeah, he’s probably doing pseudo-3D with 2D paths, just like the Fairlight CMI or SynthTech WaveEdit. All you have to do is multiply the wavetable’s (x, y) indices with a rotation transform for an orthogonal projection.

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