3 module challenge with AstroVibe

I’m posting this in its own topic in case anyone else would like to join in: A 3-module challenge featuring AstroVibe, a brilliant multi-oscillator created by @Patheros.

To kick things off I’m posting what I came up with, but it’s by no means tapping into all the potential of this really inspiring module, so I thought it would be fun to see more of what others can do with it. This is not a contest or competition or anything; there is no judging and the only “rule” is to use at most 3 modules (excluding audio/recorder modules), with at least one of the modules being AstroVibe. Hoping that limitations can breed creativity for you, have fun!


I will gladly join in, always love a small patch! Are mixers allowed as extras?

Excellent! I would say that to be fair we could probably use these guidelines as a starting point (adapted from the CMSS 3 module challenge):

  • Three or fewer modules

  • End of chain modules like mixers or output modules do not count unless they are using CV

  • Full voice modules, including sampler modules, are allowed

  • Must use at least one AstroVibe module of course!

I’ll be eager to see (and hear) what you create!


Interesting idea Marc,
imho it would be great to share the patches here too.


This sounds amazing Marc - particularly from around 6:30 where it sounds like an “Alien Soul Eater” haha - a kind of alien/monster sound combined with the sound of masses of people from a distance… on a spaceship with enormous engines :slight_smile:


Here’s my 1st attempt, AstroVibe manipulated by Catronomix’s 8LFO and put through Lindenberg’s Sangster. There will probably be more entries

Astrovibe 3 module challenge-Sangster+8LFO Catro.vcv (5.9 KB)

Astrovibe 3 Module Challenge - Sangster+8LFO Catro 2 in AstroVibe -Lfo’d and Sangstered (soundcloud.com)


Marc this time it is using 3 of the Path Set Modules-Shifty, AstroVibe +Ice Tray.

A sort of Afro Space Mbira kind of thing!

A bit weird this, the Patch is 17mb size, surely that’s a bit big for 6 modules, anyone know why? Hey, it has now decided it is 1.94mb.

Afro Space bubbler by Adrian Bottomley (soundcloud.com)


Your patches sound like I’m in a Dr Who lobby. They are supper cool. Also I love that your trying to use all 3 of my modules <3

As for the patch size I bet it’s IceTray. It saves its recordings out and it can record up to 60 seconds of audio so it can be swinging in patch size.

I think Astro Vibe just begs to be self patched. I didn’t do much with the other modules. Just a bit of attenuvertion to get a bit more variation in the CV levels, and some tuned reverb to beef up the sound a bit.

Astro Vibe 3 Module Challenge 1.vcv (2.9 KB)

Sorry about changing recording levels mid stream. It gets louder at 2:54, but nothing outrageous.

I still need to study the internal routing and try to understand better what many of the controls do. I may have patch cables that are doing effectively nothing.


Same patch as before, except I replaced the reverb with Erica Synths Fusion Delay. Clearly the same, but completely different.

Astro Vibe 3 Module Challenge 2.vcv (2.8 KB)

A challenge like this is a good opportunity to explore different effects. Minimizes the distraction of a million options, and forces you to focus. I’ll stop posting with this configuration, but I’ll likely continue to experiment on my own.


my try for this challenge:

and here is the patch:

2022_02_14_3Modules_AstroVibe_01.vcv (4.3 KB)


Look ma, no reverb! Well, it’s mainly weird, but I’m gonna record 10 minutes of it and cut it up. Might be a nice way to generate minimal ~techno bits


What’s the small module on the top row?

2x4 sequencer from dBiz

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here is my second try:

the patch:

2022_02_15_rsmus7_3Modules_AstroVibe_02.vcv (4.1 KB)

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This is such a fun module, but I’ll give up now after hours of trying to get something musical from it. I tried resampling, using it as modulations source, self-modulation, sequencing different things and I always lack a few modules. Kudos to all here, I am not yet ready for a three module challenge I think :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is my entry:

(I was just going to do a 1 module challenge with astrovibe but then added delay and reverb :slight_smile:)


Nice, proper derelict spaceport vibes!

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