24 FM operators,
24 envelope generators,
24 BPM clocks
and 8 seq triads
sprinkle with cables and a seriously slow LFO

The end result might have been more interesting if i’d taken a better approach to have the operators modulating each other. Nonetheless here it is:

ps. how often is it polite to mention your work in this category? Like, if I do three pieces a day could I list them all here? I only ask because I’m a bit self concious and i don’t want to ware out my welcome.


Cool Breeze.

Interesting; a sea of sines… lot of phasing effect going on there.

If you’re going to post music daily, it might be a good idea to simply create a topic in “Music” - say “Music from dag2099” or something, and then post them in that topic as they come in.

I usually work on a patch for 3 to 5 days before I think it’s ready to record, so I will never have this problem. :slight_smile: But I agree with Lars that creating a thread for all your music is a good idea.

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