21kHz: D∞ Won't Transpose

I posted this question on the developer’s GitHub as well, but does anyone know how to get 21kHz’s D∞ to transpose a signal?

It’s working on my end. From what I can tell, the TRANS input is a trigger input, and it toggles on/off the effect of the transposition you set with the two knobs at the top. Perhaps in your case it is turned off, and sending a trigger into TRANS will turn it back on?

I tried plugging an AS Triggers MkI into D∞’s TRANS jack. No matter how many volts I whack it with, no change in pitch, no matter what the knobs are set to.

Yeah, it should work. I’m using the Trigger MKII from AS and when triggered once, it’s bypassing the transposition (what you set with the knobs), and when triggered again, it activates it.

I tried the MKII, as well. Still nothing. Maybe a problem with the Windows build?


D∞ transposes the V/OCT signal. Not the audio signal. Try routing a midi CV in into D∞ IN and the OUT to V/OCT of Palm Loop.



I knew I was doing something stupid! THANKS! :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Making “mistakes” is the best way to learn, don’t worry. The pitch tools module will add voltage to the incoming signal to the V/OCT input (in modular like in modular, you can use this for all sorts of stuff, not only pitch). So it “should” go between the module that sends pitch information (sequencer, Midi) and the target oscillator.