2 Palettes and arps keeping crashing

Hello, a patch I have created keeps crashing Rack, it contains 2 Palettes, ARP700 , Shabang’s Arpeggiator, Chronoblob and Plateau. Are there any reasons why this should crash, high CPU usage? Here’s the patch:

2 Palettes, Arp700 n Chrono.vcv (61.8 KB)

crashes here too - works without the nysthi recorder

Thanks for taking a look, not sure why the Nysthi recorder should be a problem. Had no bother with that before! Maybe there is a ghost in Nysthi modules? Antonio might know such dark secrets of the Nysthi!?

Weird and weirder!!

Correction, It just crashed without the nysthi recorder


[50.229 fatal src/main.cpp:45] Fatal signal 22. Stack trace:
3: ZN4rack10appDestroyEv 0x456435
2: raise 0x246cd9c0
1: abort 0x246d20b0
0: ZN6plaits11StringVoice6RenderEbbfffffPfS1_S1_y 0x3e2b746

seems it’s the palette/plaits module ? The log is not written to every time it crashes.

Thanks, I will try replacing them with the Audible version and see if that makes a difference. Any idea if the maker of Atelier Palette is available on here? Much appreciated.

Thanks Jens, I opened an issue with Atelier Palette on Github.

I am able to reproduce the problem, but debugging/fixing seems very difficult at this point.

Ok thanks for checking it over. Why the difficulty debugging, you busy with other things?

It’s just a difficult to track down error what is happening. I don’t even get the same call stack you are getting. Your stack ends apparently at the Plaits string model code, but for me it first crashed in the GUI panel code and then subsequently it started crashing at the top level module audio code and at the moment it looks like there is no way to see where exactly the crash happens there.

edit : My best guess at the moment is that it’s related to the modulation of the synthesis engine model. If I remove the modulation by Caudal from the patch, I was able to keep it running for a minute or so.

So has the module been updated lately, I’ve not noticed any problems before. The crash log came from Jens, he tested the patch out, just to see if he got the same result as I did. Thanks for your time. Ok so maybe the Caudal is causing problems but did it crash after the minute or more?

With the Caudal modulation it always crashed after about 30 seconds latest or so of running it, but after the minute without the engine modulation I just quit Rack normally.

So Caudal maybe not the best thing to modulate Palette with then or was it too many cables from there into Palette. Thanks so it is not a Palette error. I’ll have to be more choosy on what I modulate it with, what would you recommend I use?

No no, the problem is almost certainly in Palette itself. (Or in the original Plaits code.) Another possibility is that some of the other modules in your patch have some bug that are overwriting memory in Palette, but if that is the case, it’s going to be nearly impossible to debug that.

So thanks once again, please keep me informed if you get to the root of the problem.

I would strongly recommend running this under address sanitizer. It’s great for finding hard to repro memory corruption issues (if that’s what this is).

Thanks Squinky, but I don’t know what that is? Xenakios will probably know what that is though.

Asan (address sanitizer) is an advanced developer tool, and I can’t currently use it even myself.

It’s beginning to look like this is an unsolvable bug, there is probably something in that particular patch of yours that makes Palette crash. I tested it in a separate patch of my own, modulating the engine with both the VCV Random and Vult Caudal modules, but couldn’t make the same bug appear. I will still try a bit more, perhaps it is something obvious in the end…

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Address sanitizer is a powerful and easy to use tool for finding bugs like this. It’s built into the dev tools most of us are already using.

No bug is unsolvable. That’s what I tell the bosses at work. Of course sometimes it can take a long time to solve them.