2.0 a semitone lower ?

I’ve got 1.16 and 2.0 open and I’m trying out some of my keyboard patches from 1.16 in 2.0. They work fine with some adjustment for not-yet-updated modules but I noticed that with the same patch the 2.0 version is a semitone down.

I’ve tried different patches (which use different oscillators) and its the same with each. I’ve Reftone from Bogaudio to give a reference tone and it still sounds a semitone out. Oddly, Nysthi’s Hot Tuna and Gran Tunismo says the note is the same.

How is this possible?

My guess would be sample rate difference in the audio module?

That can certainly lead to pitch differences while tuners etc report them being the same

I remember some discussion maybe a month ago of issues where 44k and 48k sample rates were getting mixed up. Don’t remember a resolution. Was it user error or a bug or never resolved?

That did it - I’ve never changed that so the Audio-8 module 1.16 defaults to 44.1kHz and the 2.0 defaults to 48Hz ? To my ears the 44.1 kHz sounds right but I may need an outside reference to check.

[Edit] They both sound the same now at 44.1 and 48 kHz …

That particular bug was resolved.

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You need to ensure everything in your audio chain is set to the same sample rate - the audio module, Rack’s audio engine (Main menu > Engine > Sample rate) and your audio interface.

If you are still hearing differences after that let us know. Also best to use a tuner outside your computer if possible to test (so it is not affected by any sample rate issues) - like a guitar tuner app on a phone. Best to just send a clean sine wave.

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