16ch I/O in V1.0?


I am curious if it will be possible to use 16 channels of I/O via the Audio module in V1.0? This would be great!


yes, chek theaudio 16 of RCM ro the jackconnection of SKJack

I dont have a 16 channels sound card but I use SKJack to mix my ouputs individually in another DAW

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I tried Audio 16 but couldn’t get an ES-8 + Babyface Pro via Adat to work…

I"ll have a look what Jack could do for me, thanks for the hint!

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In the meantime I got an Expert Sleepers ES-3 in addition to my ES-8. This setup works very well with RCM Audio 16.

Great to read that there will be a Core Audio-16 too!