16 Rotary Knob Controller, with LCD and 8 banks

Thinking about making a 16 rotary knob controller with 8 banks, with LCD display. It would have 8 buttons (1-8)… you press 1 of the 8 buttons and it changes banks. So you’d have essentially 128 knobs. Fast switching between banks since each bank has it’s own button.

The knob levels are stored in variables in the arduino program. 128 variables containing the values. Every time the rotary encoder knob is turned it increments or decrements the variables in the arduino program and then sends the new variable value to the vcv rack via midi.

Each of the 16 knobs in each bank gets a custom label which you can edit in each bank. When you turn the knob it shows the levels as you turn it on the lcd.

Thinking about designing the enclosure and face plate in SCAD and 3D printing it and then making a fancy looking sticker for it with my color laser printer, some adhesive and laminate. Would think it woudl look good.

If I end up dong this I’ll share the SCAD files for 3D printing the enclosure, the PDF for he sticker, the arduino code and the electronic circuitry … I’d probably hardwire to each knob , point to point, instead of a PCB… it’s only 16 knobs so shouldn’t be too bad.

Should be under $60 to make I’d think.

Just an idea anyways.


Doo it! sounds like a beauty Arduino project.

It’s nice how easy it is to shop for pots nowadays

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Consider using a midifighter twister and an iPad running touch osc :wink:


Ya know that’s interesting you just mentioned that regarding Midi Fighter Twister and Touch OSC, I just ran across someone using Midifighter Twister with an iPhone attached to the device as a display. It’s really sweet.

Any particular rotary encoder pots you recommend? I want ones long enough to screw onto a 3D printed plate about 1/8" of an inch thick or so. Plate can’t be too thin since it’s plastic, need it to feel sturdy.