10 awesome FREE modules in VCV Rack (Review with techno patches)

This is review of 10 free and awesome modules in VCV Rack! There will be a stream about those modules as well - go to https://www.youtube.com/c/VCVRackIdeas/live and tap the bell to be notified.
List of modules:
Edge WCO, Valley Audio Amalgam, Synthkit Shifting Clock Divider, SquinkyLabs Gray Code, Southpole Pulse, Nysthi Graphic Meter, Nysthi Jira Jira Echo, Skylights Alan, rcm Duck and Fundamental Unity.
Edge WCO inspired by Dove Audio WTF hardware module: http://dove-audio.com/wtf-module/

Nice video. there are a few things here that I didn’t know about, including pulses which i must have overlooked when I started out with VCV. I have a couple of questions:
What does the DC toggle on Amalgam actually do?
I get clicking with Vactrol. Am I doing something wrong?

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thanks! and thanks for the answers

  1. DC button in Amalgam allows you input a positive voltage signal, a CV signal (SquinkyLabs Waveshaper also has such button).
  2. I also get clicking with Vactrol in some situations after recording of this video. Especially with low pitched stuff. I don’t know how this thing really works. We need to ask Skylights himself. I’m also very interesting.
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I’ve opened a ticket on Github ref: The Vactrol ‘clicking’ issue


thank you so much!

very cool ideas, just tried the Amalgam-LFO-thing and love it, thank you!

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