1,000,000 lines of code

By a rough estimate of source code from a deep clone from https://github.com/VCVRack/library, and having seen lots of proprietary code myself, the average number of lines of code per module is ~750. With 1,300 modules soon, this means that nearly 1,000,000 lines have been written by VCV Rack plugin developers, not counting dependency libraries.

This is an amazing collective achievement that I never imagined would be possible two years ago, thanks to the programmers, hobbyists, professionals, and designers who make this expanding platform possible, similar to the ~350 hardware manufacturers who built upon Doepfer’s Eurorack format since 1995.


Nice, thanks for making such a fun playground for coding in!

Just counted lines in our repo - 63,000 for perhaps 19 modules? Must be a little wordy :wink:

proud to be a part of that!

=== very cool patch challenge, edition 38½ ===

You are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase all one million lines of code in all the modules in a creative way, so other users may be awestruck.

You are to use all the lines of code from all the modules in existence -
see https://vcvrack.com/plugins.html and all third party plugin sources.

== Rules ==

  • install a profiler with code coverage analysis.
  • you are required to use all free and commercial modules in the patch - hang the expense, you’re worth it.
  • make a patch in vcv rack using every available module.
  • wire up the patch such that every line of code in every module is exercised. You may interact with the patch; it is not required to be entirely self-playing.
  • make a video of you scrolling through the million lines of code coverage output and upload it to youtube. Extra points if all the lines of code are in a bright, cheery green colour.
  • give feedback on other participants’ code coverage output.

Deadline: whenever a computer is invented that can actually run your patch.


I think this is the funniest thing i have ever read here :rofl:

Anyway It’s a big achievement ! Thanks to all the devs working on this amazing platform and its plugins ^^


Congratulations! I’ve been having tons of fun using and developing plugins for VCV Rack. I wish you and the project continuing success.

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…must …resist

Congratulations @Vortico!