Amateur DJ from Amsterdam.

I love discovering and playing energetic, surprising music. My musical roots are House and Hip-Hop, but from there I went into many crazy musical rabbits holes.

When I make mixtapes I try to find some kind of theme, work my way through many musical styles and try to find some kind of musical style that brings everything together (check out my mixcloud below).

As a part of my journey I am moving more and more from DJ’ing through editing into production. About a year ago I decided to move into a semi-modular, DIY, hybrid (digital + physical) setup, so VCV rack is a dream come true!

Also looking to connect with other users for exchanging ideas and exploring this software!

Mixcloud: @deksel
Soundcloud: @deksel
Twitter: @merkdak

DJ: Traktor Pro 3, Allen & Heath Xone K2, Reloop Contour, Traktor Kontrol F1, Traktor Audio
Production: VCV Rack + Motu Microbook 2 (for sending CV), Ableton + Focusrite 2i4 (main audio), Maschine Jam, Arturia Keystep, Midifighter Twister