ZZC SRC: What module is this? (Answered)


Does anyone know what module is this? I can’t seem to find it on the vcv version 1.

zzc voltage source. Not yet available for v1.

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I didn’t find, what it does. Do you have any suggestion for replacement modules on the version 1?

It generates voltages at particular pitches. There are lots of ways of doing that but I can’t think of one specific module that works identically.

REFTONE by Bogaudio?

ah ok. thanks. hopefully it gets ported soon

cool. thanks for tip!

I have that excellent Sequencer from ZZC called Phaseque, still not out for V1 any idea when?

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I know as much as you. I just recognised the style of the faceplate and looked it up.

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Should be available soon on the Plugin Manager!

almost ready :+1:

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I hope zzc does the source module… as I’m learning by copying modules of tutorials posted online…:pray:

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cool! Source module is for 1.0! Thanks!!