ZZC Phaseque: Sequencer for VCV Rack (Premium Module)


Great video Artem on this fabulous monster !

Just finally got this. This is seriously deep and I love everything about it – the concept, the flexibility, the visual design, and the results!

Not that it’s necessary (strictly) but a quantizer would be a great add-in.

At the moment I’m working on update for Phaseque, it will consist of at least 4 small panel expansions with different features. I can add various quantization settings as well. Would you like to quantize a pitch of steps (V) or you meant the step timing and length?


I can always use one of several Quantizer modules that are avalable (VCV Scalar Nysthi Scala) if I want. Messing with scales is something I do, so I can do it.

What I was thinking about was simple 12-tone equal temperament as an option, which would be a quick way to make it conventionally musical.

Just a suggestion. It isn’t as though there aren’t other ways to quantize.