ZZC Phaseque - Not able to map Mutations Knob

I recently fell in love with the “ZZC Phasque” Sequencer. But I have one little problem, I’m not able to map the mutations “Muta” knob. I can completely control Phaseque with 8Face and it’s more or less possible to control the “Muta” knob with Transit. But I can not map it to the usual suspects (µMap, ReMOVE or the different midi mapping modules). More precisely, I can map them, but it has zero effect. It’s the first time I can not map/control a knob in VCV, and I’m curious why this knob behaves differently. Would be very useful if it would be manageable, because the “+” “-” CV control of Mutations works differently (in steps) as if you change the knob directly with the mouse or transit. Although Phaseque is an ‘old’ sequencer I could not find anything about this behaviour in the forum.

This is because of (most probably) being an endless knob. These can’t be mapped to a MIDI controller because it is kind of undefined how to map the range 0-127 for MIDI CCs to an endless encoder.


Ok. I was afraid of something like this. So there is probably no workaround? Thanks for the quick reply and thank you so much for all your great modules, Señor Stoermelder. (hopefully MB will work with the 2.0 Browser)