Zoom Audio Drivers

Hello! I am a Music Technology student and we are doing a few projects in VCV Rack. Because of remote learning, we are presenting our progress through Zoom, the online meeting format. When I share my screen and press the button to share my computer audio, the audio driver doesn’t automatically install and I am not able to route my audio through zoom. I was able to do it on a Mac, but I’ve moved all my projects over to a Windows PC. Any suggestions would help a lot!

Personally, I’m using Voicemeeter Banana to route around audio around programs on my PC, I use it to record videos and streams via OBS studio, or to send audio to my other DAW.

It’s a bit intimidating to set up, but once it’s done it works reliably.

I don’t use Zoom, but if it allows you to choose which sound device to use (which I’d be surprised if it didn’t), it should work.

Zoom doesn’t allow you to change the computer audio input in the settings which is a big bummer, but I will definitely check out that audio router! Thank you!