Youtube channels are being hacked

I’ve just seen a respected YT channel with 77K subs get hacked and shut down within an hour.

Creators… before careful out there.

“PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! :sob: I can’t get into anything anymore, passwords have been changed, recovery email doesn’t work and even the phone number connected to my account was changed!! HELP”

maybe unrelated but maybe folks don’t know:

on youtube there’s many channels created solely for the purpose of gaining subscriptions by showing things like clips from popular television episodes, movies or video games or children’s content. These are videos are not created by the channels but are in fact just reposted.

The idea is to get the subscriber count up and sell the account to any party who will buy them. Often we can see things like crypto schemes or other unscrupulous forms of advertisements. They tend to operate for a short time before being shutdown.

There’s also the angle from the account sellers attempting to make this seem like a real option to make money. AKA “Pump and Dump”.

Anyways, from time to time, It will seem like folks who purchased those fake accounts with previously secured subs get “hacked”. When in actuality it’s their involvement in the shady dealings in the first place that got them in hot water.

And of course we cannot ignore the current situations in the world. But you know…

At least the bitcoin thing makes it easy to spot.

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