Your favorite modules for sound processing?

Hey gang, what are your favorite modules for processing a sound? I don’t mean in the mixing sense by adding more oomph or dirt to a signal but rather really weird processors for example, like Morphagene. Any sound goes in, a totally different sound comes out! I’ve tried some of the granular processors but they haven’t been great so far.

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I like to mangle sound with SV Modular’s Caillou (commercial module) :slight_smile:

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Befaco Rampage can degrade sounds pretty well,

use the input and try any output :wink: and adjust Rise and Fall to your taste

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Tsunami from Charred Desert (free)

a wave multiplier - with 8 cv inputs, and 8 tapped outputs, really fun when you feed it into another copy.

and here’s a video for Caillou: