Your desert island plugin

(funkブラスタ) #21

I honestly can’t make a patch without a NYSTHI module.

They may be tough to understand and in effect intimidating to use, but it is well worth it, allowing you to make an entire voice with around two or three modules.
The design philosophy of “Just add them functions, we’ll think of the design later” allows the modules to look like NASA equipment.


If we’re talking about a plugin (like a collection of modules), it’s gotta be Vult.

If we’re talking about a single module…hard tossup between I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Plaits from the Audible Instruments plugin, and Freak from the Vult Compacts plugin.

I guess it might be somewhat difficult to make a patch with nothing but a filter module, but…actually, brb. Gotta go try something…

EDIT: Okay, so maybe not a whole playable song or anything, but chaining a few Freaks together with different filter models leads to some very interesting and noisy sounds.

(Ryan Dean) #23

Floats by Friedrichs Audio…
Seems to be nearly inexhaustible when you have two or three interconnected.

Vults Free as well!

(Nik Jewell) #24

Wow. Thanks. You are a ‘piping’ hot shell master !

So, here’s the top 20:

261 cf MONO
239 Core AudioInterface
174 NYSTHI AttackDecay
150 AS DelayPlusStereoFx
139 VultModulesFree Debriatus
128 ImpromptuModular Clocked
127 VultModulesFree Unstabile
124 Valley Plateau
116 Fundamental Scope
105 Southpole CornrowsX
103 VultModulesFree Slap
101 VCV-Console Console8_3
96 VultModulesFree Rescomb
95 Alikins BigMuteButton
88 Bogaudio Bogaudio-EightFO
86 KlirrFactoryFree ClockMultiplier
78 Blamsoft-XFXReverb Blamsoft-XFXReverb
77 unless_modules markov
71 AudibleInstruments Branches
69 cf MASTER


if there is one i always use, it is valley plateau

(Adi Quinn) #26

Hovered Value of course! so in love with this thing, not sure how i ever lived w/o it…

(Emma) #27

always always clocked from imprumptu modular, aepelzens’ erwin and a (audible instruments) resonator
and my template has the 16 channel mixer from koralfx connected to a core audio and AS stereo vu meter

(Me) #28

Don’t you mean “deserted” island?

(Alessandro Bonino) #29

Or probably dessert.

(Soothsayers) #30

Impromptu “Clocked”. Use it in every patch, can hardly bare the site of other clocks!

(Jim Frye) #31

Southpoles Parasites Smoke for outstanding reverb.