Your desert island plugin

What’s the plugin you can’t live without?


NYSTHI, MSM, Lindenburg, JW, ML and Fundamental


Core :slight_smile:


Core is fundamental. NO WAIT.


After Core and Fundamental, I gotta say Audible Instruments. They’re so interesting and flexible, and the sounds that come out of those things are fantastic.


The DHE modules and Host/FX hands down.

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Now that surprises me.


Dale, you have helped to make my music world a much better place. In a manner of speaking, your modules are a great base to begin building onto something great without the aid of Host.

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NYSTHI, Audible Instruments, Vult, Host, are the most used plugin :slightly_smiling_face:


befaco and vult free

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If I gotta pick one, it’ll be Vult free.

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We need somebody (Frank Buss?) to write a search algorithm that recurses through your patch folders and compiles stats on module usage.

If I take out Core modules, AS Stereo Delay, Plateau and Clocked, which are in practically every patch, then probably my most used plugin is the BogAudio 8FO.

However, the plugins that give me the most fun are undoubtedly Nysthi, and of them if I could only choose one it would be the Clockable Delay.

Choosing Host (/FX) wouldn’t be much good if I wasn’t allowed any VSTs to go with it :slight_smile:

What’s the name and dev of the bytebeat module? Didn’t know there was one!


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Now that @synthi is here I can’t say anymore that my favorite pack is NYSTHI! With 101 plugins I could live the rest of my life exploring them! :smiley:

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On Linux and Mac you can use

cat *.vcv | jq -r '.modules[]|[.plugin, .model]|@csv' | sort | uniq --count | tr -d ' ' | sort -gr  | sed -E -e 's/^([0-9]+)/"\1",/' > modules.csv

(for recursive version use **.vcv)

to get CSV file with statistics. You can import this file to Libre Office or Excel :smiley:

Shorter version for readable output (thanks 🜚)

jq -r '.modules[]|[.plugin, .model]|@tsv' *.vcv | sort | uniq -c | sort -gr | column -t

Requirements: jq and GNU coreutils.


one plugin seems a bit too little, I’d choose the Audible Instruments, Vult and Bogaudio plugins.
and in a small filghtcase I would add some AS, Impromptu and Geodesics plugins :wink:
and in my toiletbag I pack the Befacos

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The one I actually bought as hardware: Marbles :slight_smile: And of course Plateau.

Brilliant! According to this Snake is my most used - by a mile.


grazie mille mr @bonino !

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