XTRTN 1.3 - Jellyfish Eon is here:

  • Fancy new screws in random colours.
  • Mesoglea controller/polyphonic-s&h module (manual).
  • Mesohyl controller module (manual).
  • Heraldry blank module (yeah this has a manual too - I don’t know why).
  • Improved guides that actually explain what modules do.
  • Started giving the versions stupid names.

Basically, the story behind everything here is that I was annoyed at having to link my controllers and mutes up to s&h modules by hand (especially when doing something big and polyphonic). Mesohyl has knob controls with built-in Sample and Hold options. Mesoglea does something similar with gates; but also A LOT MORE: each gate may be automatically flipped or even converted into a muted/unmuted audio-signal. Mesoglea is a bit complicated, so check the guides linked above.

The blank brand-module is just there so I can look cool and desirable online. “Woah! XTRTN clogged up my library with another useless blank module! They must be important!”

Full XTRTN collection on the VCV Library here.


I love the look of these

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