Wrong People Midi Player: How do I install from Github?

I discovered a midi file player by Wrong People called Midi Player and I very much would like to take that for a spin.

When I downloaded it, its a folder with a bunch of stuff in it, not sure what I do with it… any tutorials out there that can walk me through how to install the module?

It sounds like you downloaded the source code. Check out the “releases” tab on their GitHub page: https://github.com/WrongPeople/WrongPeopleVCV/releases , click the “assets” thingy for the v1.0.0-alpha.0 and download either the mac, windows, or linux zip file depending on what sort of operating system you are running. Then, place the zip file in your plugins-v1 folder as described here: Installing plugins not available on the Plugin Manager and you should be good to go after re-starting Rack!


Awesome, got it! Thank you!

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