writing on blank panels ~ notes but more clear to visually compartiment you modules


Is there a way to write on blank panels, a short cut or something just to visually make sub-compartments let’s say in the many modules one is using.

I saw someone do it on a tutorial but couldn’t find a way to do it ?


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Hi and welcome :slight_smile: I think i know which module you are talking about :

There are a few others in the same plugin with different sizes if i remember correctly. Let us know if that’s what you were looking for !


Ah yes, amazing !

I was following the subharmonicon tutorial from mister Cohen

grazie jj

last but not least a little welcoming :vulcan_salute:t5: music to enter this great community in style :slight_smile:

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

There is also the “sticky-labels” maker Glue from Stoermelder:

for if you would like to get all colorfull and stuff :sunglasses:

Have fun!


Another option: Computerscare Custom Blank lets you display a custom image file.


aaah thanx guys & girls ! obrigado !!!

lately looking out for buchla inspired modules, … if you know any … still have to do a search … so much software out there on the internet :slight_smile:

it’s like what Brian Eno said in Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music it’s not about wether you can do it or not ( he was talking about Cubase or Photoshop ) because anyone can if she/he is prepared to sit in front of a computer for a few days, the question becomes of all of the things you can do now, which one are you choosing ?

Some of Nysthi’s modules are Buchla-based.