Wouter Spekkink - Music Thread

(Wouter Spekkink) #1

Spent almost my entire Sunday working on a patch from scratch, without any specific direction in mind. I quite enjoy the end result, but it might just be that my ears are f***** after listening to this all day.

(Rainer Birlin) #2

Whow, that’s a great work. This is one of the best I’ve heard in VCV so far. Make more of it.

(Alheeley) #3

great groove - nice work!

(Wouter Spekkink) #4

Wow, that is a great compliment. Thank you very much!

(Wouter Spekkink) #5

Thanks! I am happy you like it!

(Wouter Spekkink) #6

Given the direction that the poll on “1 thread per artist vs. a separate thread for every patch” is taking, I decided to turn this into a thread for my patches. Not sure how productive I’ll be, but every now and then I end up with something I like, among the heaps of random garbage I generally put out. :slight_smile:

(Adi Quinn) #7

really great patch, love your sounds, your use of fx, and super cool that youre using the analog sequencer b/c that thing rocks. Will be nice to see how your music thread develops!

(Wouter Spekkink) #8

Thanks a lot! Yes, the analog sequencer is great! I wish it were possible to set the cv outputs as 0v to 2v or 0v to 4v instead of -1v to 1v and -2v to 2v. Some quantizers, like Scalar, only pick up notes from 0v and above so I always need to do some offsetting or attenuation of the outputs.

(Joopvanderlinden) #9

very nice