Working with PDArray / loading a lot of data

I need to create and read sequences of CV information of a little more than 1,400 steps. Right now here’s how I do it:

  1. Create a Rack patch containing a PDArray module

  2. Create a sequence of CV data in a spreadsheet. Do a couple little formatting tricks…

  3. Open my Rack patch in a text editor, find the contents of the PDArray module, and paste in my sequence. Save this, and

  4. Open the patch again in Rack. Voila, the array contains the values I pasted in.

Is there an easier way around this? If there were a way to convert a spreadsheet or its text output to a .wav file, PDArray could just open it up, without having to edit the .vcv file, and that would be much simpler, for instance. Any other method of loading and reading long and precise series of values is welcome. I’m open to suggestions…

thanks everybody

spreadsheet !? ehmmm

nysthi::02nagol !!

try before the output from a nysthi::logan20 to check the format

should be the first column the timing a the other 20 the cv values


This looks like it’s perfect - an even better solution than I hoped for. GRAZIE SIGNORE, I love your modules, I use them all the time

Here’s one question and one suggestion about NAGOL:

Question: Can 02NAGOL load arrays that are different lengths, and scan them proportionally to their length, or should I load it with series of identical lengths?

Suggestion: The function that would make this module exactly what I need would be this: If I could send 02NAGOL a trigger that would cause it to re-load the .csv it reads. In that case, I could edit the .csv outside of Rack, go back to my patch, and load it in - or even edit it remotely! I’m a musician, not (really) a programmer, so if you implement this, please let me know what I can do for you!


please open an issue/feature request on nysthi github so I can prioritise tasks (currently I have no time for VCV, but I like a lot suggestions from real users!)

you can load any length you want
the stopper is the EOF :smiley:

Done. Thank you!