Wonky Techno Patch

Hey guys,

I recorded my latest VCV patch which you can listen to if you want =)

Its core is a looped random source fed into s&hs (which you can see on the soundcloud pic); all of them generate CV and gates.
Kick is Vult Knock.
High Hats are Erica Drum and Audible Modal.
Snare is Audible Resonator.
All synth sounds are Audible Resonator.



Very interesting sound design. I like it. :+1:

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Oh, thanks for listening! I am glad that you like the sounds.

Très intéressant. Bon rythme. Like it… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m impressed by this. My biggest problem is getting enough of a handle on a whole patch to do a track. Techno makes it easier because you can have a kick and a few simple percussion parts and use mutes to bring them in and out.

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Whats the 1st module in the thumbnail?

it’s Bitwise from Chortling Hamster modules :wink:


Merci! =)

Thanks mate, thanks for listening.

I am using an old Korg Nanokontrol to control a few parameters and the rest is done by mouse. As you say it may be a bit easier with techno; after all we just have two hands so I used different modulation sources to expand that.

I like to use Grids for sequencing more funky stuff and then LFOs, sequencers or noise through s&h to modulate its x/y parameters. This keeps the groove (or whatever you wanna trigger with it) evolving.


Bitwise is a great module. Actually I just wanted to explore Bitwise with the scope to get to know it and in the end I recorded this patch =)
The Circlefade Random module is fun too.


fucking cool man! Just loving the depth in your sounds <3

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Dude yeah, thanks! I am glad you like it.
Thanks for listening!

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I guess most of the depth is coming from Audible Modal’s built in reverb.
On the drums I used Nysthi PlateVerb.
Valley Plateau was used too.
Chronoblob for delays if I remember right.

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