Windows 10 Update 2004 Destroys WASAPI Performance?

Totally anecdotal, but since WASAPI performance has degraded for me on two machines since installing the 2004 update, I’m wondering if that is the common denominator. I suddenly get frequent “dropouts” where VCV Rack falls silent for a moment. I’ve watched it in Task Manager, and it seems to occur when the System Interrupts task is using a noticeable amount of CPU. And you have to be quick to spot it as it lasts for only a moment.

IRQ line exhaustion ?

I followed this to change the interrupt mode for my NVIDIA RTX 2060 super pci-e gfx card - I have less problems with audio (USB Behringer Uphoria 1820) after the change.

EDIT: The MSI mode actually changed back after the last Nvidia driver install , and I didn’t notice. YMMV