Will VCV Rack for DAW support multichannel audio I/O?

I haven’t been able to find mentions of this inside the development blog. I wonder if the upcoming VCV Rack Studio (with VST support) will support multichannel audio I/O. My intention is to integrate it with Bitwig and its CV modules.

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It will, per this update–and, in fact, that screenshot shows an 8-channel configuration running.

I seem to have inadvertently memorized the devblog :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing. It looks really promizing! The screenshot doesn’t show the outputs, but I guess they will be multiple the same.

Thanks @gc3 for being my trustworthy devblog human search engine :smiley:


Sorry for abusing your memory @gc3 but can you confirm that Rack SDK will let anyone build (open source) modules for Rack Studio and, consequently, Rack for DAW?

The short answer is emphatically yes. The only additional feature planned for Rack Studio Edition (which replaces Rack for DAWs as a name, BTW) is the link to DAWs via (initially) VST2. Other than that, there’s no difference (based on everything that’s been said so far).

Best place for this question is the linked thread, with official statement here:

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VCV Rack Studio Edition will include a 2, 8, and 16 channel audio in/out VST2 plugin, which is perfect for its three audio interface modules.