Will the VCV Rack 2.0 vst-plugin support audiointerfaces within itself?


i´d like to not use aggregated devices on my machine, ideally i just could select my ES-8 from within the VST while my DAW uses an other Interface.

Does anyone know if this is going to work?


We know very little about the VST version of VCV 2.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

This is the first search result when using the forum search function…

Rack 2, Rack for DAW, multiple audio interfaces, Windows, combined? - #2 by Vortico

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To be fair that was from Dec 2019 and things may have changed in the last year and a half

I’ve seen the same question asked more recently (including by me) but have not had a response

I certainly hope that will be the case.

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I know nothing about how the VCV plugin in particular will work, but pretty sure every plugin I currently own ‘inherits’ the audio system that the host DAW is set to use.

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No sure this is correct, Virus TI and more recent Elektron Overbridge, as far as i know they do not use the DAW´s soundcard or aggregate devices.

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Most likely cause this question has been answered several times before.
(just guessing here :slight_smile: )