Will Rack 2 Pro VST2 Plugin work well with Bitwig 4 on Apple Mac Mini M1?

I just installed the dmeo of Bitwig 4 on my mac and I see in Activity Monitor that it’s running ARM code. But I did read it can run both ARM and INTEL VST plugins since it runs them externally. Just wondering how well this would work with Rack 2 Pro VST2. I have 8GB of ram.

Pretty sure it should be fine.

I know other users are running the Rack VST in Bitwig on M1 Macs.

Yup, but it seems the OP is running the M1 native version of Bitwig, which claims to both run ARM and Intel VST’s, so it’s an interesting question, mostly whether that actually works in Bitwig, for any VST and Rack in particular.