Why Markdown Documentation?


Indeed !

I’ve used a long list of Markdown editors in my time (and of course you can just use it as is in your favourite text editor). For longer form writing I was a long time Ulysses user on the Mac until they revised their pricing structure.

My all time favourite though is Typora: https://typora.io.

Cross platform, free whilst in beta, but beta seems to be its permanent state - well, for the last 4 years anyway. It is a single window live preview editor (with a source view if you want it) and uses Pandoc (https://pandoc.org) for export.


Ghostwriter is FOSS as well. MindRaider has also been rewritten as Mindforger which uses markdown files exclusively as its backend. They’re trying to brand it a “Markdown IDE.”

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also worth a look is grammarly et’al to catch those pesky grammar and spelling nits

Mindforger looks really promising, any idea if it would work in conjunction with Github Desktop (bc no bloody way am I gonna learn that much commandline…)?

and Ghostwriter looks almost like my current install of Notepad++ :stuck_out_tongue:

@dirkleas Anyone who advertises as incessantly on YouTube as those blokes did doesn’t deserve my business. Also, Proprietary, and they had a nasty security hole last year.

I don’t see why not. A mindforger “repository” is a collection of markdown files in a specific folder structure.

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Gotcha. Alas, Linux, and I don’t have the spoons… (again, commandline…) :frowning:

Worse than proprietary, it purports to send everything you type to their servers. It’s a terrifying TOS to wade through.

Vale probably isn’t as good (I’ve never touched Grammarly), and is a CLI app, but it does have a lot of options for integrating with language tool, spell-checking, flagging specific phrases you tell it to look for, and so on. Supports markdown syntax too. It can do interesting things like be asked to complain if you use both “color” and “colour” in the same file, but will allow one of the two to be used as long as both are not.

There’s a build for the Windows System for Linux (WSL.) Have never used it :woman_shrugging:

Fair. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve used any Linux though, and again, spoons. Either way, they look amazing. If I had more buy-in with Lin, I’d be making out with Mindforger right now (especially because ADHDOMFG)

personally, i prefer restructured text (rst), which is similar, but has a better mechanism for extensions. it is used, for example, for python documentation.

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Thanx @Nik, Typora is perfect for me. Looking for a Markdown editor like this for a long time!

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@bwiechering Great :slight_smile: If he ever does get around to charging anything for it I’ll happily pay for it.

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Visual Studio Code is open source, a great editor and has a good markdown live preview.

Thanks for that spoons link, Pat …

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