Why are some plugins not showing up?

I have VCV Rack2 installed on 2 machines; a MacBook Pro M1 and a Mac Mini M2. However, certain plugins are not appearing in the Mac Mini, such as Squinky Labs, which are installed and working on the MacBook Pro. Anyone know how I can get the Squinky Labs (and any others that are missing from the Mac Mini) installed?

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Short answer, by installing the x64 version of rack and not the ARM64 version. The ARM64 version is slowly integrating the “old” modules. If It’s a module older than the first of august 2023, it will most likely not work on a ARM64 mac.

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I stand corrected, it looks like the VCV Team is working behind the scenes to update all the modules to be ARM64 ready, and the only ones that will take longer are the ones that are Closed Source.

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I installed the X-64 version and still no Squinky Labs on the Mini M2. Strange how they show up no problem on the MacBook Pro M1 though

AFAIK the ARM64 version of Squinky does not yet exist because of compile errors:

So if you run RACKx64 on both macs they SHOULD both work with Squinky. And if you run ARM64 you should have no Squinky at all.

Are you sure you don’t have any residual junk making you be subscribed on one machine and not the other? The answer can’t be magic, after all.

Weird, I just opened the VCV Rack again and the Squinky Labs plugs appeared, so now working on both machines. Strange!