Why are not all v0.6 plugins available for Rack v1?

when I installed the new version and updated all my plugins my saved patches are all different with half of the patch cords missing and the patches are all different.

Are all the modules you use available in v1?

that would be because not all the 0.6 modules have been ported over yet to v1.0

This is why I keep on 62c for some time, possible end of the year :rofl:

I wonder if the new “Disable module” feature could help in this scenario…instead of not loading at all 0.6.x modules which have not been ported to v1.0 yet, Rack could load them but keep them (forcibly) disabled. If this preserved the cable connections, it may be very helpful.

(I’m aware this would be a new feature and would require a feature request but I’m not sure the idea makes sense)

Nice idea, but not possible. Rack v1 can’t load plugins compiled for v0.6 (or older).

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