Which widgets get tooltips?

We use a mixture of stock widgets, widgets that we derived from ParamWidget, and “other” widgets. What does VCV want to see to allow it to show tooltips? It seems that anything that is a ParamWidget (and has been set up with configParam) can have a tooltip? And does the same criteria apply for MIDI mapping?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I do respectfully suggest developers figure out how to name their widgets descriptively and add the tooltips text. Awful lot of knobs come up saying “MY NAME IS #0



I believe that you are correct, everything derived from ParamWidget gets a tooltip by default and can be MIDI Mapped.

If you want to customize a tooltip beyond the arguments of configParam, create a subclass of ParamQuantity and pass it through configParam as described here: Configuring custom parameter display in v1

This was especially helpful for buttons that cycle through modes, as the tooltip just shows the button state by default. I made some custom tooltips that display a shorthand for the currently selected mode. Let me know if you want any more details, I have been doing this extensively.