Which scala file is loaded in SCALAR

Hey everybody,

I just opened a patch from a few months ago. I have SCALAR (from VCV) running a scala file.

I have zero recollection what scale it was though and I want to know which one it is. I tried opening the patch in notepad and found the SCALAR section, but it doesn’t say there…

Is there anyway to open the patch file and figure out the name of the scala file that is currently loaded?

Thanks! Guy

  1. load the patch file in vcv
  2. right-click the VCV Scalar module, export unknownscale.scl
  3. load the unknownscale.scl file in scala. File → open scale.
  4. import the scales.zip file from the Scala site in scalar - It contains more than 5100 scales.
  5. use “comp(are)” to find the scale. ckeck “Only for scale memories…” to use the imported scales.zip in memory.

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This looks like the solution, will try later today, thanks!

Next time - save the scale name in a “notes” module :slight_smile: