Which Brands of free v1 modules make it in v2?

HI here is a list of some brands that have not yet ported to to V2. Will any of these soon be doing this?

Nano valley Instruo Stoermelder 23volts Nohmad Mockba Nyshthi Grayscale Count Modula Lindenburgh Research Blamsoft Bidoo cvly repelzen unless modules

I think the only one there is real cause for concern about is Blamsoft. There’s been no reply from the developer for a couple of months now and they are closed source.

Although I’m not 100% sure about Nano or Nomad either.

All the rest are either in the library already or you can reasonably expect to arrive at some point.

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we need our chronoblob also

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Blamsoft informed me they are looking for a programmer to update Viking VK 1 as well I wonder if thats the reason


There’s a v2 beta of that available which seems to work perfectly - should be in the library soon