Where is the VCV Rack concert hall? And: Why there should be one :-)

Take a look at the virtual organ community (using the Hauptwerk virtual organ platform): They have a massive virtual concert hall for music played on virtual organs: www.contrebombarde.com. This gives musicians a platform to share their music. Some have become well-known through the platform. And, unlike with labels, everything that can be played on a virtual organ can be published, resulting in a highly diverse spectrum of pipe organ music. All styles, all intruments. Amazing!

Now I am wondering: Where is the concert hall for VCV Rack (or even more general for music made with modular synthesizers)? Maybe it could be called the “Resonance Concert Hall” (wordplay intended) or something like that. I suppose this could even be a business model for someone (like contrebombarde has become). Everybody could publish and be heard. Soon, outstanding musicians would be discovered. Another dimension would be added to the VCV Rack/modular community.

Has really nobody had this idea before? I definitely think there should be a “Resonance Concert Hall”!

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Try the #music category.

When I first skimmed across this, I imagined you were talking about a module that you could plug in stereo audio, and it would stream it to a broadcast server for others to listen online when it’s “your turn”.

Ok, I’ll put things like that in #music next time.
Your idea is not too bad either :wink:

MTV Music Maker had a thing like this back in the day; you could hook up people over the network for “jam sessions” or something. Never got to really use that feature but it was neat.