Where is the gate output on the stock sequencer? (total noob here) (answered)

I’m following this (Beginner's Patches I - Basic Sequence - YouTube) to make my first patch, but VCV 2’s sequencer gate output is hidden from me.

I’m using the Trigger output instead, but it is not doing what i want with my ADSR. I can see the problem when i plug it into the oscilloscope, but i cant figure out what to do to fix it and the documentation says “coming soon”. Can someone help me fix this please? picture included

You can use a module like Bogaudio DGATE to convert from trigger to gate, and then send the gate to your ADSR.

If that’s what i need to do i’ll do it, Thanks tom.

But it says in the description that is has a gate, is it just lying to me? image

It did have a gate output in v1, so maybe the tooltip just didn’t get updated. This Omri Cohen video runs down some Fundamental changes between v1 and v2. You can see the gate output in the v1 module.

Maybe. It’s annoying it doesn’t come a gate in V2, because having to go through that will eventually get frustrating if i ever change the BPM cause it wont sync up. But it works for now and that will do, thanks! i guess ill just download a better sequencer with a built in gate

There are lots of good sequencers. Have fun.

If you right click SEQ-3 and activate Clock Passthrough, the Trigger and Clock Outputs start emitting gates instead.


This is exactly the fix i was looking for.

Thank you kind sir!

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