When will VCV Rack v2 be released?

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Should be around February 2020, maybe a bit after

Cannot wait for this! Please let me trash Reaktor. PLEASE!!!

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The more people ask this question, the later it will be :wink:


When it’s “READY”™

Out of interest, what is it you’d need from VCV Rack to be able to trash Reaktor?

Haha! Great question. Well I use the patching aspect of it in Live, to meet my modular needs in the box. Honestly, Reaktor’s modular feature is underwhelming and the older Blocks patching is visually frustrating to work with. The reason I am so looking forward to Rack v2, is that it offers way more modules than Reaktor ever will and the interface is worlds easier to work with. When I first purchased Reaktor I thought it would have the same community driven base that VCV does. I was sorely mistaken. I mean it’s a great sound tool to have for the time being, but when v2 is released, I will not hesitate to abandon Reaktor altogether

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Ah so it’s actually being able to use VCV rack as a VST then?

I use Reaktor live and I’ve found I can knock out the same setup in VCV Rack much easier and better, but still find that it hits my cpu way more and really missing the snapshots from Reaktor. If both those things were sorted, i’d drop Reaktor completely I think. Although the ease of creating something in Reaktor compared to learning C++ for VCV Rack is a pretty big leap for me. Maybe one day I’ll learn.