When Tunathor is stuck

Hello there, I’m trying to tune an external VCO with ES-3 and Tunathor, with this particular VCO however Thunathor gets stuck in the higher frequencies (between D6 and G7) and it doesn’t give me a mapped out.

Trying to troubleshoot this, what could be the reason? This particular VCO is not the stablest and drifts a bit, could this be the problem?

have you tried other tuners?

I find Thunator is working somehow strange,
maybe you can put an issue on Nysthis github.

yesterday TUNATHOR (with an ES-9) let me play an old “MFOS mini synth” which I used to play only for my awful terror drones…its oscillator is very unstable but its range goes far from what we can hear (and also has VERY nice oscillators and a VERY nice filter), so it worked perfectly…

today I struggled to used it with my behringer K-2 because of the “range” problem. I had to use only vco 2 that reaches 2 feet, and set the “master tune” a little bit lower than normal because TUNATHOR was not able to “catch” the first frequency (around 32Hz).

then I had to offset of 1V the CV (Calibration Volt Out —> + 1V —> ES-9) and started the procedure.

to find out the range I used the “fast octave mode”, and once I figured out that it can tune it from the bottom to the top I restarted it on the “semitone” mode

I thinkg TUNATHOR looks for the range between C1 and C7, so, if the oscillator can’t reach 30-4200Hz it stops working

with this I also say a big THANK YOU to @synthi :wine_glass:

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were you able to use it or not (tunathor) ? (thank you!)

yes I was, it’s been a little bit tricky but finally I did it. :beers:

I mean, if you have an oscillator that has a very wide range and goes out of tune TUNATHOR is perfect, but if your oscillator covers a narrower range it’s impossible to use it (as it is now).

If the user could set the “range” every problem would disappear :wink:

thank you for the feedback you are right as I never used it in the HW world I missed completely the point you are describing!

Can you open a feature request on my github issues ? (so I won’t forget when this DARK mood afflicting me goes away :frowning: ) ant

Sorry for the late reply, no I was not able to use…I tried a billion times but it always gets stuck when doing the range sweep higher up. From what I remember the VCO in question has a decent range, not sure if super extended but like Alessandro far beyond my hearing :wink:

I hope I have done it correctly https://github.com/nysthi/nysthi/issues/275

perfect, it’s a reminder grazie :pray:

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I’m a Synthi aficionado but which other tuners would you recommend? thank you :slight_smile:

tunathor is not a TUNER! it’s an helper for people using Hardware and VCV together

If you have any problem with your VCV <-> Hardware setup you can try with the Expert Sleepers modules : they are the KING of these situations ! :muscle:

if you need a common tuner you can use HOTTUNA and GRANTUNISMO

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Sorry Antonio I know, I was replying rsmus7…but regardless, I think we all understood what he meant and what I meant …

Yes I know about Expert Sleepers, but I was doing some troubleshooting and actually thought/think that the problem might be in my VCO more than Tunathor. And I think this kind of real world feedback can be useful to you, no? :wink:

For example by looking at the intellijel Dixie2+ which has selectable range, it came to my mind how could that work with Tunathor…

Having said that, long live Synthi, probably my favourite VCV developer :wink:

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100% I need feedbacks! Thank you !

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