When I go back to v0.6

I can’t get over how awkward it is to use, particularly with control scroll to zoom not existing. v1 improved ease of use and control so much but it’s rarely mentioned here how much faster and easier it is to use compared to the previous release. We have (mostly) all praised the browser, and the zooming, and various other aspects but I don’t see many posts about all of these things together, the user experience as a whole.

Just wanted to say thanks to @Vortico for being clever enough to envisage and create such a smooth user experience in terms of control and UI.

Coming from many years of using linux exclusively and mostly staring at the black grid of the Renoise editor, it’s lovely to have a beautifully designed aesthetic and ergonomic program that runs wonderfully and natively on linux.


It is so much better & I’d also like to thank all involved. The only improvements I’d suggest now are a more responsive module browser and mousewheel control of knobs & sliders, like every other DAW / VST I’ve used, I still get caught out often by this when switching between mixbus / VSTs & VCV.