What's the greatest synth piece you've ever heard?


I think it’s a big overlay of guitar, bass guitar and synth, probably an acid thing like a Virus… but hard pitch bend so clean on a guitar every time, and really easy to replicate on a pitch wheel, and during the chorus there is a nice glide between the octave notes, so I would guess that the lead element is synth

(Michael Lloyd) #22

T.S. McPhee 1973 release,“Two Sides” The Hunt. I love this composition.Must be heard loud! Synthesizer [Two ARP 2600s]

(Lars Bjerregaard) #23

Intense sounds from that ARP! The fun starts at 01:57…

(John Tarvin) #24

From original Walter Carlos “Switched on Bach”, the Brandenberg Concerto.

(Martin) #25

I heard that sometime around '78 or '79 - still love it today