What's the font used on the fundamental panels?


I’m working on my first module and intend to keep my panel designs nice and boring. :slight_smile: Would anyone know what font was used for the knob labels & CV inputs on the VCV fundamental modules? For example, see the Delay module.

Is it OK if my modules look similar to the fundamental modules? I’m assuming so, since I’m using the default knobs and such that appear to be built in to VCV Rack. My font selection for module names and company name would be different.


Cheers, Bret

See: https://vcvrack.com/manual/PluginLicensing

and see https://vcvrack.com/manual/Panel#designing-your-panel

Do not use other people’s intellectual property (IP) without their permission. See the VCV Plugin Ethics Guidelines.

Surely the answer has to be, at least broadly, that modules can look like fundamental, ie can have the same colour and use the same font. There are some modules in the library that are very obviously based on the fundamental modules but use different colours etc.

If not allowed it would be interesting to hear what the criteria is to define the style.


The typeface is a closely guarded trade secret.


Ok, sounds good! Maybe I’ll spend some time customizing my panel designs after all.

Do not use other people’s intellectual property (IP) without their permission.

I saw that too. I was just wondering if VCV Rack endorsed using their designs as a “default”, per-se. Sounds like the answer is … not! No worries at all.

It’s Gotham Rounded by the way, but we just want to encourage original designs like in the Eurorack format, rather than similar styles like in the Moog and Buchla format.