What's new in VCV Rack 1.0 Video

Congratulations everyone, VCV Rack 1.0 is out and about! There are some really nice new features added, and in this video, I go through most of them including Polyphony, Midi mapping, Midi out, and much more.


Hi Omri,

Thanks for the Video. I have a question. I saw that you have Plateau and also the Quantum Modules. From Martin Lueders. I cannot find them in 1.0. Are they not official yet? Or do i have to download them somewhere else?
Thank you very much in advance.

Well, they are still not officially released for 1.0
I was testing them so I have them in the browser, but there maybe still some changes to be made…

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Ok. Thank you.

No worries

Yo Omri, thanks for that and all your other content.

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Thanks so much man! Cheers!