What's going on with the FB group FKA "official VCV group'?

it seems odd that they are changing the FB group to all allow non VCV posts. Is that really a good idea for us?

No. But “us” is not in charge :slight_smile: I was fairly surprised recently when I realized that Soundmit actually started and “owns” the group, thought it was Andrew that started it. Pure speculation but I smell a bit of a falling out behind the scenes, between Andrew and Soundmit. Oh well, I quite liked the FB group a couple of years ago, despite really disliking Facebook. But thankfully we have this forum here.


Yes, it seems strange. I was very sorry to see the disagreements and tensions that have been created lately, but I care little about it. It will be worrying when all of this affects the future of VCV … But I still believe a lot about Andrew’s work, the community, and all the work you’ve done to make VCV so great. Really, I can never thank you enough. I am confident that we will go through all of this in the best possible way. And yes, the forum is a better place for now. :alien: :vulcan_salute:

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It doesn’t alias anymore :smiley:

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Well, OK, but I’ll bet there is still DC on its pulse outputs.

Is the development of the software still going on? It seem stale other than people uploading new modules every now and then. Are we gonna see V2? Where can I get some news?

I put out a new module every month or two, and I’m only one guy.


A question for @Squinky.Labs, because you are so active as developer … VCV Rack is open source but not free. Is that the reason why we cannot realize a community version ? This option, in my opinion should be the right choose, seen that the community of plugin developers is maybe a relevant value of VCV platform). It’s only an opinion … don’t hurt me :slight_smile: I’ve seen MiRack that seems to be a fork, but I don’t know if the developer paid some royaltee…

Read this and onwards:

So yes, development is going on and that development blog is the primary source of news from Andrew, the creator of Rack.

Where did you get that idea? VCV Rack is Open Source and costs nothing. Are you sure you’re in the right forum? Do you use Rack and did you pay anything for it? I’m sorry but the rest of your comment is nonsense as well. Maybe clarify what you actually mean, if you have a genuine question.

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@LarsBjerregaard please calm down, I havn’t any bad intentions :slight_smile:

Right, VCV is free of charge but I means that’s is not free code (can I create a fork of VCV to distribute … I don’t think so … )(either … I cannot be able to do it :smiley: ).

I only think that this project, with the collaboration of an active community of developers on the core like the community of developers that worked on plugin library, could give benefits to all the stakeholders (the development team, the community…).

But please, let me close here the question, I don’t want to contribute at a bad feeling in this forum.

I respect the work of Andrew and people that works with him, and I cannot wait the release of VCV V2 (as all of us).

VCV Rack is:

  • Licensed under the GPLv3 license, see here, except for some of the graphics (see the license).
  • Is therefor Open Source software, because GPL3.
  • Is therefor Free/libre software, because GPL3.

Which means you can create a fork and redistribute it if you like, with the caveat, that if you distribute it you have to change the graphics of the core modules, and you cannot call it “VCV Rack”. This is completely normal for open/free software.

If you follow the link I gave you in the post above, and read the post after it, Andrew explains why Rack is Open Source but not Open Contribution. I see his argument and may or may not agree. Single-person projects and multi-person projects each have their pros and cons. Andrew as the primary developer of Rack, and then the huge plugin developer community are two seperate things, although there’s been a very active cross-pollination and inspiration between the two. You may think he should do things differently, that’s valid, but you have to respect his decision to do it his way.