What's an example of a plugin that ships with presets?

Want to see what the best practices are for doing this. Of course I know all VCV plugins can save and load presets from disc, and Strip can load and save its own kind of preset, But I’m looking for something where the presets come with the module. Thanks!


VCV SoundStage and VCV Chords are two examples that come to mind.


Some of the Starling modules come with right-click menu presets.

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Currently the complete list is

CountModula: LightStrip
DHE-Modules: CurveSequencer4
SurgeRack: SurgeDelay, SurgeEQ, SurgeOSC, SurgePhaser, SurgeRotary
VCV-Chords: Chords
VCV-Host: Host
VCV-SoundStage: SoundStage

Starling Via does not use Rack’s preset feature.

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I think there are more than that. Not at a computer right now but fairly sure NYSTHI Ambulance has some.

NYSTHI Ambuance Reverb, you mean.

That module implements its own preset system in the context menu. It does not use Rack’s preset feature.

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Is there any documentation or blog posts about how this works? Looks kind of like you put some json files into a folder with the right name an it just works? does the normal makefile know how to package this?

Pop your preset json files into a presets folder and add “presets” to the distributables and you’re good to go. (EDIT: you need to put the json files in a folder with the module slug name inside the presets folder)


DISTRIBUTABLES += $(wildcard LICENSE*) res presets
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I think there is somewhere on the forum or GitHub issues, but if you can’t find it, it can be explained in a sentence. Save a module preset to <plugin path>/presets/<module slug>/MyPreset.vcvm, and add your presets to the DISTRIBUTABLES list in the Makefile, and it will appear in alphabetical order in the module context menu.


cool, thanks!

Huh. I had no idea presets were so rare.

Yep, works like a charm! It seems like folders don’t work with presets? As in you can’t make a hierarchical ordering of presets by putting them in sub-folders. That’s fine, just wondering if I missed a clever way to do this.

Hierarchical ordering (sub-folders) of presets would be very cool (and kind of necessary to manage any significant amount). Let us know if you find a clever way please Bruce :slight_smile:


Given that only 4 plugin developers use module presets, it’s a low priority feature. As always, see https://vcvrack.com/manual/Issues for feature requests.


Super happy with this feature. So easy to use. Hopefully more “complex” plugins will ship with presets. (and, yes, Organ-Three comes with a bunch of presets.)