what the frack is it doing to my computer!

Ugh, so I installed the software and it immediately opened an instance of it but when I played a note on my computer keyboard (because that was the midi device it had set up at the time) I could barely hear a saw wave being played because there was also an extremely loud white noise downsample shriek in my right ear/headphone. At first I thought “maybe it’s just a really wacky default preset”. so I closed the software and opened up a totally different soft synth, but when i played a note on that i got the same ear-piercing noise, i even tried watching a YouTube video but this time i got pure white noise. Finally after I restarted my computer my other softwares started working OK, until I opened the VCV rack again. When I opened the uninstaller I got white noise on the first page, but thankfully it stopped on the second. even after the software was gone my other apps were not working right until i restarted my computer, AGAIN. I assumed that the software got corrupted in the download process so I downloaded it and installed it again but nothing changed. because this is such a popular software I’m surprised something like this could happen, but I’m not prepared to give up on it yet so I hope we can get this figured out soon.

it would be helpfull if you could provide some details about your setup.

which OS, mac or PC, some specs of the system etc.

I use a Dell PC laptop, 12 GB ram and windows ten, all drivers updated.

Hi @enzocantwell Do you have asio 4all installed by any chance? I used to have asio4all installed in my previous Toshiba laptop and they worked well, then I switched to a PC Dell Vostro 3590, and the asio4all simply don’t work, they do cause similar issues to the ones you describe. But just unistalling asio4all wasn’t enough, they sort of messed-up my default setup, so I experimented a few other issues to properly restore the audio system on my Dell machine.

I had to double-check with the on-board Realtek audio drivers too, to get them working, but the issue resulted definitely due to the drivers, not to Rack. There was also a conflicting issue, and headphones troubles, due to the original MaxxAudio acompanying app, shipped with my original Windows setup. For example, for a correct update of my drivers, I had to previously disable them in the Startup section of the Apps and Features screen in my Win10.

The first thing you can try at first instance, is this one: right-click on the speaker icon in you tray area (at the lower right corner of your Windows taskbar), then hover to the “Spatial sound” item of the context menu, and set it to off. Then try to relaunch Rack, and check if your audio noise is gone. Just select the wasapi driver, if you get no asio ones in your device list.

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I don’t have anything to add, but I agree it definitely sounds like a sound hardware / driver issue. I’m pretty sure Rack itself doesn’t “change” anything in your computer.

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I think too this must be a driver issue,
which audio drivers have you installed?

and which do you use with VCV?

thanks dizzy! i can now get real sound out of it! time to face the beast of actually learning how to use it :joy: