What’s the setting to make mouse work in Linux?

I asked this a few years ago, but forgot the answer.

Sorry, make knob dragging with mouse work.

What do you mean by knob dragging?

Umm… clicking the mouse on a knob, then dragging the mouse to change the value.

It works for me in both ubuntu and arch by default. Does mouse clicking work elsewhere?

Yes. It’s a well known compatibility issue. Yes, I can patch in. Linux, just can’t adjust knobs.

What kind of compatibility issue?

For some people it doesn’t work unless you change the setting I am asking about. For me, right now, nothing happens when I try to drag.

A setting in Rack or in your window manager? Btw which window manager (and display manager) are you using, quite vital information for issues like these.

For me in Fluxbox (X11) on Debian stable this has always worked just fine.

I’m using a brand new install of Ubuntu . I know rack often works for ppl out of the box. I don’t know what you want from me.

I don’t know what this means, which window and display manager does this use?

Hey Bruce, see the View menu for the knob/mouse settings. Same thing happened here.

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yeah, that works for almost all of them. good enough. can’t adjust the gain on the VCV Scope, but I can live without that.

Works fine for me. left-mouse-hold and drag adjusts knobs, left-mouse-hold + ctrl and drag fine-tunes knobs.

yes, that is correct. It works fine for many with the stock settings. Then for others you need to change the settings. It’s just a fact of life. Everyone who said “works for me” - thank you. I believe it!

go to the menu, press “reboot computer” in the grub menu select windows …


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I don’t understand - is that a joke?

Yes, and a poor one at that.

Everyone knows you have Hackintosh in that list.