What is this module?


I’ve seen it here. Gratrix or Oatrix, somthing like that…

They were polyphony modules for VCV Rack 0.5.x


not ported to V2, was a pre-V1 set of modules (Gratrix)

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There is a port, but not from the original dev. - Haven’t seen them used much


I like the look.

I give it a try.

Oohh… Sweeet memories! I used to use them so much back in the old days! They were quite fun to use, IMAO! Now that I know there is a port for v2 I am curious to see how can I use them again! Thanks for sharing the port link @Jens.Peter.Nielsen !

I seem to remember they were basically the standard vcv modules but with six inputs and outputs. then Andy implemented polyphony and that was that. Actually i wouldn’t object to a merge and split module in the “six gun” format…

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OK, new quest. What’s this in this video?